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Selling online has never been easier.
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No coding or design required.

The Shopcaster platform allows you, a local shop owner, to set up your shop within minutes.
Start selling online and never touch a single line of code.

More selling. Less hassle.

Selling on Shopcaster requires no set-up and no inventory management. Simply snap a photo, describe the product and enter a price.
We handle everything - shipping, web hosting, and customer service - for you.

Reach a bigger audience.

Being part of Shopcaster allows new customers to discover your shop and products with ease.
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We work with companies you know.

Our partnership with UPS makes it easy and effortless for you to ship your products to your customers.

Manage your store on the web
or on the phone.

Manage your shop using the web or Shopcaster's iPhone app.
Sell online even when you are on the move.

Get social.

Every product you post can be linked with your Twitter and Facebook page.
Shoppers can share your products with their own social networks

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